This is how it began: Three adventurers arrive at the town of Brindinford separately, but during a violent attack in the heart of the carnival they meet. They join together to seek what lies behind the incidents putting all the townsfolk in danger.

One is a minotaur, coming to Brindonford with the carnival to display feats of strength. It’s not every day you get to see one of these magnificent beasts of legend you know!

Another is an intelligent thief who’s been traveling about. He learned from a mentor who lives in Brindonford, and they kept in close contact after the training was finished. After not receiving a letter for quite some time, he decided it was time to pay his old mentor a visit in Brindonford.

Last, but certainly not least, is a female cleric raised in Brindonford. After learning the ways of Heironeous, and becoming a cleric, she left Brindonford to help those in need. After some time traveling, she received a letter from her brother expressing unfortunate circumstances. It seems he’d gotten himself in a tight spot, and maybe in a little trouble as well. Caring for her brother, she decided to head for Brindonford right away.

Of course, I said that’s how it began. Much has changed. Sapphira’s brother was found, but unfortunately after he was already dead in the aftermath of their battle in a band of wererats’ bell tower hideout. She departed to the quiet town of River’s End to bury her brother near the peaceful lake. Now Brindonford is under siege by an unknown demonic force, strangely after the adventuring party shared a strange dream with a voice speaking “The bells toll, the gate swings wide!” Before the siege, during the party celebrating their heroic deeds for stopping the cult known as Those Who Hear, Landen received a message that his mentor Shadrach is alive and hiding in Shiny Cove. They fled Brindonford during the heat of the takeover to find Shadrach in Shiny Cove. Sapphira rejoined the group as they passed through River’s End, as well as finding and losing other traveling companions along the way.

Speaker in Dreams

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