Speaker in Dreams

Arena Duel

A momentous main event

  • Landen introduces Shadrach to the group.
  • The group heads to the arena to inquire about betting odds on the duel. Hillfort places 100gp on Durgyn, while Largo bets 1400gp. Hillfort overhears others standing in the betting line speak about the gladiator Durgyn is set to fight. A dwarf, Gamak Ruhollah, has been fighting in the arena for the last 15 years and has never lost a battle. He fought in the suppression of Baron Gstohl’s uprising and was imprisoned for his crimes, including eating those he killed. Serin arranged for his sentence to be served in the arena, which has resulted in another avenue of profit for his crime organization. He now only fights in duels to the death, and prepares a meal of his losing opponents.
  • Landen seeks a blade for hire to aid in his quest for Shadrach, and he finds Gerard. Landen takes to his rough and confident personality and offers him 3gp a week and 5gp per dark dwarf head on their quest. Gerard agrees, “for blood n’ gold.”
  • Sapphira speaks with a wizard in a local magic shop called Lanta’s Wands, inquiring about teleportation services for the party to begin Landen’s quest. The price is far too steep.
  • As the time draws near for Durgyn’s duel, Landen seeks a spot to sneak onto the tops of the arena to perch. Shadrach looked into Durgyn’s opponent and tells Landen he should be concerned, he hands him an invisible arrow to aid the minotaur if direly needed. Landon spots a rope hanging from the arena wall in some vines and tangled bushes. A pair of kids are arguing who will climb first when Landen surprises them. “Don’t get us in trouble!” One kid plees. “There’s nothin’ but trouble here kid… Scram,” Landen gruffs. The kids run and Landen climbs. At the top he spots a man dressed in animal hides crouched at the edge of the wall and another street kid sitting next to him. The man introduces himself as Gvados, travelling druid. He offers meat from his sack and Landen shares his wine. Gvados offers Landen’s wine to the kid and Landen stops the bottle’s motion in that direction with his hand. “I don’t think so. Not the kid, you know what this costs?”
  • The final event is announced in the arena. “For the first time in this arena, witness with your own eyes, a true Minotaur of Torger in mortal combat!”Durgyn is huge in size, but the dwarf commands a fearsome presence in the arena. He certainly holds the crowds’ favor and his armor is custom, blood stained, and gleaming with menace. The battle is fierce, both combatents exchanging life threatening blows, bleeding from horrible wounds. As they expend their last energy, Gamak delivers the final blow to Durgyn. The minotaur drops his weapon and collapses to the ground. Landen fires the invisible arrow from the walltops… And it misses!
    As Hillfort watches from amongst the crowd, he watches in terror as the minotaur loses the duel. He looks to the man next to him and believes everyone’s attention is so involved in the combat no one would notice him. Hillfort disappears with invisibility and takes to the air, flying towards Serin’s warehouse with revenge in mind.
    As Gamak positions for the final blow, Landen perches himself on coiled legs on the wall’s edge.
    “No!” Gvados shouts. “This is a duel, you must not interfere in sacred battle!” The words were powerless as Landen’s eyes were filled with the near death of his friend. The thief’s legs explode and he flies from the wall, falling the long distance to the arena’s dirt battleground, his trajectory lined up with the dwarf. Landen crashes onto Gamak, quickly gains his feet, and as Gamak turns lifting himself from the ground Landen’s scimitar falls. The greart dwarf warrior’s head leaves his body and falls to the ground.
  • The crowd falls silent. Landen reaches down and helps Durgyn to his feet. The crowd begins to cheer and chant, “Torger! Torger! Torger!” Landen lifts the dwarf’s head and Durgyn picks him up, raising him up on one arm. Gvados the druid changes shape to a raven and lands on Durgyn’s shoulder, casting a healing spell to offer a little aid.
    The arena announcer observes the entertained crowd and is pleased. He speaks, “Battle is over! What do the champions have to say?”
    Durgyn shouts as the cheering crowd grows quiet to listen. “The foul creatures that attack Brindonford will find defeat at our hands!”
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new Lord of the Arena!” Landen and Durgyn take in the cheer of the crowd, and a voice raises from the VIP balcony behind the announcer. “NO!”
    They look to the balcony and see Serin standing at the announcer’s precipice. “I want their blood!” Standing next the Serin the announcer raises his hands in responce, “and what do the people say?” The crowd screams and shouts in hatred toward Serin’s proposition. Hillfort hears the crowd halfway across the city as he flies through the air, imagining grusome things happening to Durgyn’s defeated body.
    Serin yells in rage and strips a crossbow from a nearby guard’s hands. He takes aim for the heroes and the crossbow bolt zips past them. Largo hops from the crowd into the arena pit, revealing his weapon, “this is how you shoot a crossbow.” The bolt stabs into Serin’s chest, the crime lord drops in pain and retreats.
  • Meanwhile… Hillfort arrives at Serin’s warehouse. He flies in through a window and finds loads of treasure: jewel crusted dragon skull, mithril horse statue, amongst countless small treasure. The majority of Serin’s wealth that runs his crime organization appears to be held in this very warehouse… And Hillfort blasts the place with fireballs. He walks away unnoticed as the warehouse is engulfed in flames.


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