Speaker in Dreams

Stalking a hunter

The party tries to find Luftwyld

-morning audience with Helinack: Brindonford plans and bounty on Luftwyld (2000gp). Scout Brindonford and begin to organize an army.
-Reunion with Sapphira in the streets of River’s End.
-Hillfort tells Landen what he saw the night Luftwyld fled arrest (read thoughts): he was scared.
-Largo suggests falsifying Luft’s death to save Luftwyld and gain gold reward. Party not keen on dishonesty.
-Head out, no sign of Luftwyld… Luft tracks them.
-Set up camp, Landen scouts out and spots Luftwyld hidden in the tall grass, thinks he’s an animal because of the furs he wears. Landen stalks him like an animal, gets close enough and realizes it’s not. Right up behind him then fight.
-Party notices the scuffle. Largo pleads they stop and reminds them of his plan, Sapphira approaches, Luft: “hey pretty lady, you better stand back.”
-Durgyn implores Luftwyld must return with them. Landen tries to get behind Luftwyld after the other adventurers have approached, but Luftwyld notices the action and attacks him. Sapphira tackles him and a grapple begins.
-They pin Luftwyld with some struggle. Landen notices Luftwyld’s fast healing and thinks he’s cursed. They tie him up and establish watches.
-Luftwyld gets loose on Sapphira’s watch, explains “I gotta pee.” Durgyn wakes and reties him, “just go.” Luftwyld howls to ruin everyone’s sleep, Durgyn gags him.
-Landen takes watch. Landen ungags Luftwyld, “gotta pee.” “Seriously?” “Yes.” “Ugggh.” Landen unties his tether but keeps him bound. Hears Luftwyld’s plea that this is all wrong. Landen sees everyone else is asleep, unties Luftwyld’s bounds: “shred the ropes and be gone. If I see you again, you will die.” Landen walks away but Luft doesn’t flee, follows Landen to camp and talks. Then Luftwyld runs.
-Morning. Durgyn “Where’s the prizoner?” Landen: “He must have escaped! I might have fallen asleep… elven wine… but I didn’t drink any…” They question Landen but he succeeds at a bluff: “I wanted him more than anybody! That was my bounty!”
-Luftwyld begins journey home to Eurnox woods, party continues south to find road to Shiny Cove.


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