His name, meaning ‘command of the moon god’, is not misleading. Shadrach is one of the greatest master thieves of our time, and is not famously known because of this fact. Unlike other thieves, he lives a simple life and takes time to appreciate all the qualities of our existence. He lives in a fine, but small home in the Silver Hill district of Brindonford, where he trained a good friend and apprentice of his named Landen Cale. The one thing that pleases Shadrach more than enjoying the interesting things of life, is having someone to share that with. So he decided he would teach someone he found worthy his talents and knowledge. Not just as a student, but as a close apprentice. Thus Shadrach discovered Landen, and over the years they became close friends as mentor & apprentice.

After Landen ‘graduated’ from his training, Shadrach encouraged him to explore and travel the lands to experience the reality of what he had taught him. During his travels Landen realized that when he left the learning did not end, but it began at a new level. He kept in contact with Shadrach very frequently, and they sent letters back and forth. It was when Landen did not receive word from his friend and mentor for quite some time he decided to go to Brindonford for a surprise visit.

UPDATE: An unfortunate find in Silver Hill
After visiting his old mentor’s home, Landen discovered why he hasn’t received word from his friend. The main living area showed signs of a fight and he found sign of blood on the floor. Shadrach wasn’t killed; there was no body and the guard had never responded to the home. Someone must have been after him. Perhaps he was even taken? Landen knew whatever had happened wasn’t good, and his old friend had gone missing.

UPDATE: Shadrach is alive and hiding in Shiny Cove.


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