Durgyn Eidolon

The Ancient Blood of Heroes Flows Through His Veins


Minotaur,Minotaur 6(Made with Savage Spiecies)
LG Lrg. Monsterous Humanoid
INT:1 SENSES: Listen11 Spot+11
LANGUAGES: Giant, Common, Elven, Dwarven

AC:236 Armor/3 Shield/1 Dex Mod/-1 Size/4 Racial] Touch:11 Flatfooted:22
HP: 57 (5HD)
Fort:8 Reflex:6 Will:+7

Spd:20ft(4 squares)
Atk:Mtwk.Lng.Sword 13 or
Mtwk.Warhammer +13 or
+1 Battle Axe + 14 or
4pull) 5
Sp Att: Gore 1d6 /2d6 when charging
Base Att: +4 Grpl:
16 4 Base/8 Str Mod/ +4 Size]
Combat Gear: Tanglefoot bag x2, Achemist fire x2
Caltropsx5, Potion of CLW x1

Spells: N/A

Abilities: STR:26, DEX:12, CON:22, INT:14, WIS:11, CHR:10
SQ: Darkvision 60ft, sent 20ft, Keen senses+3(Search,Spot, and Listen), Natural Cunning; Cannot be lost, Track with sent.

Feats: Ancient Liniage(Backround) AEG feats book Pg. 5
Power Atk., Cleave

Skills: Bluff+2, Intimidate+6, Jump+12.
Possessions: combat gear, 50ft Silk rope, waterskinsx2, bedroll, belt pouchx2, Rations 1 week,
Breastplate armor+1, Lrg. Steel Shield+1, Cloak of resistance+1, Bag of Holding Type 1.

Current Events;

While in Brindinferd Durgyn was able to befriend some fellow adventurers. They seemingly foiled a plot in the town and were hailed as heroes. After the celebration had died down the town’s lord, a baron, came forth with an odd proclamation. All that were in the city would be unable to leave. Feeling the constraints of bondage that he had endured before it did not take long for Durgyn to agree with his comrade Landen Cale to make haste to the city gates and extricate themselves from the situation. along the way to the gates Durgyn saw many strange creatures with the force meant to keep the order of the town. All is not well in fair Brindinford.

After a disastrous dinner engagement that embarrassed Durgyn. Luftwild is a fugitive on the run. If Durgyn encounters the woodsman again he will try to persuade him to return to the lord of River’s End and make amends.

In Shiny Cove Events have transpired to bring Durgyn back into the arena. But now he enters a Free man, And of his own volition. It is time to show the valor of the blood he carries. In hopes this deed will free his fellow traveler and inspire him to the side of good and Righteousness. He must find victory, and travel to his homeland. Durgyn may sense a strange familiar feeling when he steps through the gates


Face his foe in the Shiny Cove arena and best him in gladiatorial combat.

Travel south to Shiny Cove and meet up with Landen Cale’s Mentor.

Assemble all willing to free Brindinford of what seems to be a melevolent and evil occupation.

Travel home to Torger and reunite with Durgyn’s family.

find out how Hillfirt makes such good ale . . . .

The Past Before Brindonford

Durgyn, Eidolon:
Durgyn Son Of Ulfgar son of Rein. Of the house Eidolon. Descendant Of Voalrikar the Liberator. The same Voalrikar that Slew The Black knight Gillthoras. General of the lich kings legions . An Ancient Lineage that to this day lends strength to the Eidolon house.
Durgyn was born in Torger. North of the Human Trading town of Brindinford. Son of Ulfgar, a proud Ambassador of the Minotaurian peoples. Durgyn grew up not seeing he father for he was away meeting with the other racial governments. Thus when Ulfgar asked if his son would like to accompany him on a journey Across the mountains to visit the Minotaurs of the east, Durgyn accepted excitedly.
The journey was long and Durgyn spent long hours with his father learning all manner of skills. This was perhaps the most wonderful time of Durgyn’s life. But It would not last for long. For in the High pass the ambassador’s caravan was ambushed by Giants. Following his father’s order. Durgyn ran to hide and wait for his father in the woods. Long hours passed as Durgyn waited. An when he finally returned to the caravan he saw the devastation wrought by the Ambush. Durgyn looked for his father. Until night took the land. He did Not find Him. Durgyn then had no choice but to see to his own survival. Perhaps it was the ancient power of his bloodline. Or possibly some other power but Durgyn was able to survive his trial in the High Pass and reach civilization. Not knowing were he was or how he could get home Durgyn was driven to petty thievery in the city of Haulcaster . He did well for a few months be it is not hard to pick out a minotaur in the city. Even one the size of an elf.
And so it was that Galgularous, a shrewd Arena operator spotted Durgyn. A young orphan minotaur could be very profitable he he he. Durgyn was abducted by the sly Galgularous and put into training as a gladiator. Nothing more than a slave now Durgyn took to the study quickly, (He is a Minotaur after all ) And in a few short years he grew to be taller than even some of the half-orc gladiatiors. But his heart was not free, and Durgyn longed for home. He was a dominant Gladiator and was soon famous throughout the far eastern reaches of the continent. The things he saw were amazing all be it from the view of a barred wagon. But still he was a slave. Until . . . .
The day a band of halflings brought thier fair to the same town as the gladiatorial show. On the last night of the fair it seems that Galgularous was bested in many games of chance by the Halfling owner. And came into quite a debt. And in a somewhat ill advised bet, lost Durgyn to the halfling fair And though many times Galgularous tried to buy Durgyn back the Halflings would not sell their new strong man. The fair owner took his winnings and left in a bit of haste.
To Durgyn it seemed that he had gone from one hell to possibly one far worse. Until that is the fairmaster released him from his bondage and Durgyn was a free man again. Durgyn had spent fifteeLanden n years as a slave and vowed to never be in chains again. He also stayed on as strong man in the fair. He soon learned of the fairs trip to Brindinferd and was overjoyed to be going so close to home. Finally.

Durgyn Eidolon

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