Messenger Arrow

An arrow that hits a designated mark, no matter where you fire from.

weapon (ranged)

A specially made item with the appearance of a normal arrow. When this arrow is fired for the first time after enchantment it is magically tuned, or linked, to whatever surface it hits. It must be a solid surface that never moves (a wooden wall for example) or else the enchantment discharges with no effect and the item becomes a normal arrow.

The second time the arrow is fired, it will teleport as it soars through the air and reappear stuck into its linked surface. The arrow must fly uninterrupted for 50 feet before the enchantment is triggered. If its flight is interrupted for any reason before 50 feet, the enchantment is discharged with no effect and the item becomes a normal arrow.

These arrows were created by a certain guild so its members could easily send back a message when operating far from home. These arrows are given to members already linked to a wooden post at the guild hall. It is nearly impossible to come across one of these arrows before it has been “tuned”. Many don’t even know of this magic item’s existence, as they are as rare as the guild members that carry them and are only crafted for the guild’s leader by a personal wizard friend.

There are two configurations of this item. Arrows are much more common, but occasionally messenger crossbow bolts are made as well, making concealment easier. No attack roll is needed, as the user must only fire through open air and the enchantment does the rest.

Arrows are more reliable, with only a 5% chance of failure.
Crossbow bolts are easy to hide but less dependable, with a 20% chance of failure.
They are usually made with a special color fletching so they can be easily destinguished from normal arrows when carried in a quiver.


Messenger Arrow

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