Speaker in Dreams

Time to crack down on crime
The adventurers band together and investigate Landen's information
After the guards left with their prisoner, people began to gather in the area again and the merchants cleaned up their overturned carts and wares. Introductions were made between those who stopped the outbreak of violence, and the three adventurers Sapphira, Durgyn, and Landen decided to investigate things further. Landen shared that his alley way interogation led to find out the wererats were hidding in the city bell tower, and he was told that’s where they have built up a base of operations. The three agreed to have a look about it, and headed farther up Eastgate way toward the tower.

When they came to the intersection of streets in the middle of town, they took a turn down the small sidestreet that would take them to the entrance of the old city bell tower. These side streets, of course, were empty, as everyone was attending the events of the fair. As they approach the bell tower, Sapphira suggests against barging in or being forceful in their investigation, being sure she isn’t travelling with companions that will rush into foolish actions too quickly. Landen mentions that the guard is busy protecting the people at the fair and tending to the recent difficulties, and his inside information could help them expedite the stop to these beastly criminals faster than the guard could. Sapphira agrees that if the door’s unlocked they will look further inside, but if it’s locked they will turn around and take the proper methods of an official investigation. Landen comes to the door and finds it locked. “Ok…” he says as he secretly digs something from his cloak. “I can agree to that.” With the distraction of conversation and his cloaked form blocking the way, Sapphira was unable to spot Landen’s lock pick do it’s work in a quick second. He turns to her and reaches for the knob, turning it the door opens. “Oh look,” Landen proclaims, “It was unlocked.”

Entering they find a vaulting room, only 5 feet wide, with a door before them and stairs going up to the right. The ceiling is up to the second level and the end of the stairs cannot be seen as they wind around the clock tower. The minotaur sniffs the air, and one of the others ask “what is it, do you notice something?”
“Yea,” Durgyn replies, “it stinks.”
Just then the door in front of them slowly opens and an old weathered man peeks out at them. “What in the world do you think you’re doing in here!?”
“Sorry,” Landen explains. “We didn’t realize someone lived here. Is there anyone else here?”
“I am the only one here, and I always have been.” The old man replied. “My family has always watched this bell tower, from generation to generation… you’re a fool to not know this was my home!”
“Well, we were searching for some criminals that attacked the carnival, and believed they may be hidding here. Do you mind if we take a look around? Perhaps upstairs?”
“Of course I mind! There’s nothing up there but the bells, and this is my sleeping room. Now please, if you don’t mind, let this old man be. Go now…”
“We’re sorry,” Sapphira says, trying to calm the poor man, “It was our mistake. We’ll leave now.”

With a final HMPH the old man led them out the door and locked it behind them. Now standing outside, Sapphira gave Landen a confirming look that she believed that to be a bad idea. “Maybe he lied to me,” Landen thought. “Perhaps the bell tower was a distraction. I don’t think we’ll be able to search here much farther…” Then another idea came to him. ”... but maybe the town guard can!” Heading back to the main intersection, they found a guard posted to watch durring the carnival. After explaining the situation, Landen asked if the guards could do a simple search of the tower. Certainly the old man would allow a guard to do a simple inspection of the property. At first the guard refused. “We’re busy enough as it is, with the carnival and that recent attack. I’m sorry, we just don’t have the men or the time.” Then Landen mentioned they were the ones that stopped that attack from growing worse, and asked him to reconsider. “Well…” The guard thought. “I suppose tonight when someone comes to take my post, I could have a look in there before heading to the barracks. That’ll be in quite a few hours, so I tell you what. Meet me here tomorrow morning and I’ll report if we’d found anything.” At this, the party agreed to split and meet up the next day. Landen went to carry on his reasons for coming to Brindonford, as did Sapphira, while Durgyn returned to his presentation of strength at the heart of the carnival on Eastgate way.

The fair goes fowl
An attack breaks out amidst the festivities
The characters arrived their seperate ways into Brindonford. Sapphira and Landen each entered by the East Gate, walking up the main road of Eastgate way observing the many things happening at the fair. Merchant’s carts and entertainers clog the street, and only foot traffic can pass through. The rest of Brindonford is pretty quiet, any shops are closed and have posted a spot at the fair. The whole town seems to be in attendance for this wonderful event. As Landen gets a bite to eat, he notices Durgyn, a young minotaur displaying feats of strength. As he grips his large hammer for a powerful smash, his hand must have slipped on the grip, because many onlookers were not impressed.

Suddenly, farther up Eastgate way, the croud burst into a roaring panic. A flood of people charged away from the location, while Landen and Sapphira tried to move their way through. From his place atop a pedistal, Durgyn could see a cart fly over, but can’t make out the attackers from the distance he was at. He charges his way through the croud to find the cause of this destruction. As Landen makes it to the scene, he notices the female cleric Sapphira battling a large rat. Strange, rat-like people are standing atop carts, attacking at merchants, as their dire rat companions run amongst the rubble, chasing everyone away. Landen notices there seems to be one of these strange beasts standing in the middle of the scene giving orders. It isn’t long before all three adventurers come into battle together, and after killing two of the rat-like people, the remaining scatter and begin to run.

Sapphira quickly tends to an injured merchant, as Durgyn squashes the remaining dire rats. Landen, on the other hand, notices the direction an escaping attacker runs, and gives chase. Darting through alley ways, the rat-man tries to loose his hunter. His attempts were not good enough, and he stumbles as he tries to throw rubble in Landen’s way. Landen catches him and holds him with a firm grasp. With a fierce tone he intimidates the beast, who suddenly changes form into a human, and promisses to tell his captor anything… as long as he won’t kill him. Landen starts to ask questions, but the skum only says he was following orders from his leader Squim, and they were to kill as many town guards as possible. When asked where he could find this Squim, the prisoner says their hideout is in the lighthouse.

Landen said he wouldn’t kill him, so he drags him back through the alleys to the scene of the crime. When he returns, the town guard had finally arrived. Sapphira and Durgyn were relating the whole situation to the guards, and Landen offers them a prisoner. The guards seem confused, because the attackers described were rat-like beasts, but Landen was handing them a human. When inspecting the bodies of the two creatures they had killed, they also had turned to human form. The guards took the prisoner, and thanked the adventurers for their quick stop to the ruckus. As an extra measure of security, they were no longer required to keep their weapons peace-bonded while in the town of Brindonford.


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