Brindonford is a large, healthy town just shy of 5,000 citizens. Baron Euphemes was never a particularly popular leader yet he is generally regarded as wise, benevolent, and authoritarian. He has taxed trade heavily, preventing the merchants from gaining as much wealth and power as they would like, and ruled consistently in favor of keeping the aristocracy in its favored place.

Annually a halfling fleet of small boats floats down the river stopping at the small settlements along its banks for trade. Brindonford is the largest city and near the end of the river, so a large carnival is held each year when they arrive. The celebration is known for good food, entertainment, and a burst of commerce in Brindonford. Those halflings that don’t make their way home to the mountains upriver northeast of Brindonford continue the float to River’s End on the lake’s shore, finding residence there or with the floating halfing village on the lake’s waters.

Brindinford is surrounded by a fortified stone wall 5 feet thick and 25 feet high. The walls are crenelated, and there is just barely room for guards to walk along the top of the wall. Ten watch towers interrupt the wall at irregular intervals.

Brindonford map

The city is roughly divided into six neighborhoods or wards. No walls or other clear divisions separate the wards (except around the Keep), but the quality of a neighborhood can change rapidly as one travels along a single main road through town.

The Keep and Silver Hill
Ford North
Chatterstreet Market
West Hill


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