The province of Corumῠr remained isolated for a long period of time from the rest of the world due to the surrounding geography. An excerpt from the historical tome “The Birth of a New Province” written by Lomendel Thurgon explains the vastness Corumῠr once was and the disposition of her first inhabitants:

Corumῠr was an empty, unnamed land known only to the Minotaur race that inhabited it. Unlike the minotaurs that are commonly known east of the Border Mountains, these were a civilized, respectful kind. Their small settlements were dispersed among the northern portion of Corumῠr, and the largest of all was nestled in the mountains up the Torger valley.

Upon my visit to Torger I witnessed an order and civilized behavior I didn’t know was possible for minotaurs. They lived with courtesy for one another, an established tribal hierarchy, and desired peace for all despite their natural abilities for battle. The vicious minotaurs that haunt the dreams of all who live east of the Border Mountains are not the only representatives of this fine race.

It was on this visit that I met Voalrikar Eidolon, leader and hero to the minotaurs of Corumῠr. My visit was after the great battle that re-established peace, and Corumῠr had been named a new, independent province with King Iath Savon at its head. Voalrikar was joyful and relaxed in his hometown, so we shared many pleasurable meals together during which he shared his tale of Corumῠr’s birth. Prior to my introduction with him, I was nervous, expecting a brooding and violent beast with fire in his eyes and blood on his horns. For being a great hero in battle, his nature was surprisingly kind and gentle.

Minotaur of Corumῠr prior to provincial status
Savon lineage, rulers of the province


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