River's End

The keep of River’s End was built during the great war as a defense post to prevent Gilthoras’ army reaching Torger again. The keep has a matching brother on the opposite side of the lake, now long abandoned, overgrown, and forgotten. Several years ago, Gregory Helinack whom served the baron of Brindford at the time set out to visit the quiet halfling village nestled in the mountains upriver from the city. When he returned he informed the baron he struck good relations with the smallfolk and they would float down the river in the spring to bring fresh produce and crafted goods to trade with Brindonford. Thus began the annual halfling carnival and Helinack was made a lord and granted the derelict keep of River’s End, then uninhabited. The gift was mixed as it formally made Helinack a lord, yet it would take an enormous amount of wealth to restore the keep. Eventually, by strengthening his relationship with the halflings Gregory was granted more opportunity for profit share from the carnival than any other “outsider” to the halflings and his estate gained enough wealth that River’s End was restored and settled by his grandson, Lodan Helinack. The keep sustained and is now ruled by Lodan’s son Alistair Helinack.

Near the keep’s front gates is a grouping of residences, a general shop, and an inn. Out from the keep along the road from there are many small farms with larger ones laying just a short distance outward from the road; these being more larger and containing livestock for meat and dairy.

Rivers end

The area inside the keep’s walls is divided in two by an inner wall. The area behind the inner wall is home to Lord Helinack, his soldiers, stables, and advisers: the halfling keeper of coin Algan Finnigan and his human right hand Lon Deneldin. Helinack dwells within a small fortress nestled against the northern wall. The area outside the inner wall holds the bulk of the keep’s civilian residents who don’t farm any of the surrounding land. Crowded with small buildings, this area hosts an inn, a tavern, a bank, and other businesses. A small marketplace serves the merchants and farmers who visit the keep to sell their wares. The folk of the keep are by no means wealthy, but neither are they destitute.

River's End

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