Speaker in Dreams

An unfortunate find in Silver Hill

Landen goes to visit his old mentor, but finds something shocking instead

As the three adventurers split their ways, Landen continued to head farther up Eastgate way. As the road took him into the more weathly neighborhood of Silver Hill, the fair took to a finer environment. Items for sale here were of higher quality and mostly fine decorative things. The food was more expensive, but certainly of a higher taste. Instead of entertainers on the streets or bustling music, this portion of the fair had poetic readings and a softer song. Although interested by the fair (who wouldn’t be interested in an event of such large perportions) Landen had other things on his mind. He turned away down a quiet street that wound its way up the hill to his old mentor, Shadrach’s house. Arriving, he lifts his hand ready to knock, but then thinks twice. “Now,” Landen ponders with himself. “This IS my mentor. Would he expect me to just simply knock on his door? Of course not…”

Walking around to the alley along the side of the house, Landen inspects the building. The Silver Hills neighborhood is a much wealthier part of Brindonford, and is called so because the windows on the homes there are decorated with silver framework designs. Landen notices this, and also notices the cobblestone work of the building’s wall. Seeing that the streets are still quiet-as-can-be, he pulls a rope and grappling hook from his bag and lets it fly toward the window. It holds fast and he quickly climbs up, finding this second story window unlocked. Silently, he lifts it open and steps into the room inside. The home is dark and silent, but Landen’s half elven eyes work nearly as well in these conditions. Sneaking into the hall way he finds the other rooms of the second floor empty. Down the hallway and coming to the stairs, he notices something out of place at the bottom. He walks down and sees the living area in a horrible disarray. Tables are broken, shelves knocked over… it’s obvious there was a fight. Landen examines the room and finds a couple small blood stains, but there’s no way to tell who’s they could be. Something bad has happened here, and his mentor was certainly not home.


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