Speaker in Dreams

Brindonford Rebuilt, news of Torger

Rings of communication for the party (whisper spell, ring-to-ring only). Heroes help Baron reestablish.
Sapphira and Durgyn help rebuild city. Gvados roams. Landen left for guild. Hillfort has farm land south of Brindonford on the river.
At the stony gaze. Ryn Es-Leot finds Durgyn, tells him about feral attacks.
Druid at grove asks Gvados to check on Khallayne Taika, a druid that traveled to the Torger valley and hasn’t been heard from (wolf form).
Hillfort takes a wagon of casks.
Mouth of Torger valley, attacked by frost giant. Kill the giant, arrive at valley entrance settlement. Mammoth tusk arch with 8 structures. Some tents for travelers.
6 days of travel to the valley entrance settlement, Drammenmar. Ryn contacts someone he knows to arrange shelter (Telia). Hillfort cracks open one of his casks, Telia declines but her two children come with empty mugs excitedly asking for some. Hillfort looks to Telia questioningly, and the woman minotaur replies “these aren’t human children! Of course they can have some.”


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